Sertoma Officers and Board

Chairman of the Board: Randy Rankin

President: Heath Stukenholtz

President – Elect: Jay Bohlken

Secretary / Treasurer: Charlie Huff

Vice Presidents: John Bernthal, Ron Grebe, Darrell Stock

Board Members: Al Borchardt, Cliff Harris, Tom Klein, Johnny Robinson, Colten Zmarzla

2 thoughts on “Sertoma Officers and Board”

  1. i would like to send a Memorial Gift to your organization in honor of Don Tawzer. Will you give me instructions as to how to do this and where this gift might be sent? Also, would you be sending an acknowledgment to the family? Thank you
    Rosemary Brown


    1. Hi Rosemary. Thanks for reaching out to us in order to honor Don. We have updated the homepage of our website with the address to send memorials. We will send an acknowledgement to Don’s family. Thanks again for helping us celebrate the life of Don. He was a dear friend to many!


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