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6/24 Speaker: Jared Minary – Lincoln / Lancaster County Crime Stoppers

Jared Minary gave us a good overview of the Lincoln / Lancaster County Crime Stoppers.  He explained his background with Lincoln Police Department and the switch to Crime Stoppers as a civilian.  Crime Stoppers is still a division of the police department, but operates a bit on its own.  They take the pictures and videos, providing that as evidence to the public to help capture tips on individuals involved in local crimes.

Jared is pleased with the amount of traffic the website is getting and they have a good response and success rate.  He also talked about the award money associated with tips and how they determine the amounts.  Jared complimented Don Piersol for his long time involvement and support to Crime Stoppers.

Gateway Sertoma Announces 2014-2015 Sertoman of the Year
 2015 Sertoman of the Year 2
The Gateway Sertoma Club of Lincoln is pleased to announce, Don Piersol as the 2014-2015 Sertoman of the Year.  This award recognizes an outstanding member, who has committed themselves to the service of others.

Don Piersol has been a member of Gateway Sertoma for over 30 years.  He has served for many years as a Pickle Card salesperson for the club.  In the past 8 years alone, Don has helped raise over $200,000.  In recognition of his efforts, Don was awarded the “Grand Pickle Award” in 2009. The proceeds from this program allow Gateway Sertoma to help fund numerous charitable organizations throughout our community and state.

Don Piersol is a longtime volunteer for the Nebraska State Patrol Motorist Assist program, driving the roads weekly to help stranded motorists.  Don also drives a local school van, transporting needy students to dental appointments. In addition, Don had a long-term affiliation with the Lincoln Jaycees, as a past President. He also ran the state Jaycees office out of his home for a time.  Don has been involved with both the Lincoln and the Nebraska State Crime Stopper Associations for over 10 years and served as treasurer of both of these groups. Don is a true servant leader in our community and state.

Don and his wife Sandy have been married for 56 years.  They have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.  He was employed by the Lincoln Telephone Company for 39 years as an accounting manager.  Don retired 15 years ago but has remained extremely active.

Congratulations Don Piersol as the 2014-2015 Sertoman of the Year!