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6/17 Speaker: Lee Orton – Executive Director, Nebraska Well Diggers Association

Lee is more than just the Executive Director of NWDA, he is also part of the Nebraska On-Site Waste Water Association and about 10 other water related groups.  As an attorney, specializing in water related issues, Lee is an asset to this major topic in the state of Nebraska.

Lee gave an interesting talk about the many problems related to groundwater and proposed solutions.  He mainly stated that all stakeholders need to be at the table and have good communication in order to understand all of the ways water is important.  “We all need to learn how to play together.”


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: This SOD is from Lincoln; Graduated from UNL w/ a degree in alcohol studies; a so-called athlete; He’s rarely at meetings…
The SOD took some flack and was… John Schuller

Other News

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