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4/22 Speaker: John Camp – Lincoln City Councilman

John Camp has been a City Councilman for 16 years.  He is up for re-election this year.  John has three main targets he is aiming at:

1. Use common sense. 2. Be fiscally responsible. 3. Do what’s best for Lincoln.

John went on to say that his top priority is the South Beltway.  At the moment, they have $28 million and need to add another $18 million before breaking ground.  The goal is possible by 2025.

In discussing the benefits of fire stations, John is in favor of the 1/4 cent sales tax for the 3-year period.  John told us that 80% of the calls to fire stations are medical.  John’s opinion is for smaller units to respond to those calls.  The cost savings would be in vehicles and scaled down man hours.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: Our SOD is not a native Nebraskan; His favorite vacation spot is Key West, FL; His first car was a 1974 Ford Maverick…
The SOD was… Tom Klein

Other News

June 5th is our annual golf event at HiMark golf course.  We need club member to help us with golf balls.  This year we are providing each golfer with a Gateway Sertoma/Tabitha logoed golf balls.  We are asking each member to contribute $22.50 to help offset this expense.

We also need help securing golf teams and sponsors.  Anyone interested can go to this page, Gateway Sertoma Golf Event Registration.

The possible bus trip to the KC Royals game is set for July 21st.  The cost would be between $80-$90.  Let Ron McNulty know if you’re interested.

Jim Gourley went in for surgery this week.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

We are in need of some new faces at our meetings.  It’s time to start thinking about who might be good prospects to become a Gateway Sertoma Member.  Invite them to breakfast and have them try it out.

Do you have hearing aids?  Hearing Aid Bank is accepting used hearing aids to be refurbished.  Bring them in to our weekly meeting and they’ll be taken to the Barkley Center.