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3/4 Speaker: Morrie Enders, Executive Director – Lincoln Community Playhouse

Morrie told us about two very special programs at the Lincoln Community Playhouse; “Readers Theatre” is a play featuring Elders through the ‘Ollie’ program, and the second is the “Penguin Project”, which focuses on children actors with special needs paired up with peer mentors.  Morrie gave great detail about the importance and impact this has on two completely different demographics of community members.

Morrie talked about the upcoming programs coming to the theatre; “Next to Normal” in March, “Miss Nelson is Missing” in April, and “Oklahoma” in May.  If you have interest in attending, you can contact the theatre for dates and times,


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: It only took a few clues to figure this one out, but the one that gave it away was that the SOD only spent 3 weeks in college at UNL…
The SOD was… Larry Thorn

Other News
The club is considering adding another Tabitha Meals on Wheels route if we can get more volunteers.  If you’re interested in delivering a noon-time route once a month, quarter or even once a year, contact Ron McNulty.

Do you have hearing aids?  Hearing Aid Bank is accepting used hearing aids to be refurbished.  Bring them in to our weekly meeting and they’ll be taken to the Barkley Center.

It was noted that we have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each.