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2/25 Speaker: Joe Kelly – Lancaster County Attorney

Joe touched on a number of topics relating to the local legal system.  He discussed in length, LB605 which is proposing non-violent crimes sentences be reduced from the current 1-20 year sentence determined, to 0-4 year sentences.  He explained how many of those offenders would serve less than 2 years regardless and would be eligible for parole and community supervision.  Joe talked about how this might reduce prison population, but there are a lot of other concerns associated with this.

Joe also talked about how legalizing marijuana in Colorado has impacted bordering states.  He mentioned how many traffickers are using I-80 to transport drugs.

Joe discussed the need for mental health services.  He attributes many of the crimes to individuals with mental health disorders, with a combination of bad drugs and alcohol abuse.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: He has 2 boys and 2 girls; He is an old Bulldog; A couple of his favorite places to visit are Australia, New Zealand and Russia; As a young man, he sacked groceries and pumped gas…
The SOD was… Wally Albers

Other News
Stan Hart was back at the meeting.

Larry Thorn stopped by for breakfast and fellowship.

The club is considering adding another Tabitha Meals on Wheels route if we can get more volunteers.

Do you have hearing aids?  Hearing Aid Bank is accepting used hearing aids to be refurbished.  Bring them in to our weekly meeting and they’ll be taken to the Barkley Center.

It was noted that we have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each.