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2/11 Speaker: Phil Whitmarsh – Redbrush

Redbrush, located in the Cornerstone Printing Company  building, as described by Phil has a goal of helping people tell their stories.  Phil told us that he has helped over 3,000 people publish books.  He said that they do not publish books, but rather help people keep their story alive and pass it on for generations.  Phil’s recommendation to us all was to write your story down and share it with loved ones.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: This guy is a native Nebraskan who went to Catholic high school and UNL; He has 3 boys and one girl; He has been a Gateway Sertoma member for 25 years; And he claims to have never heard of Harold Klein…
The SOD was… Tom Klein

Other News
Stan Hart is taking radiation treatments, so keep him in your prayers

Ron McNulty is up and feeling much better.

The club is considering adding another Tabitha Meals on Wheels route if we can get more volunteers.

Do you have hearing aids?  Hearing Aid Bank is accepting used hearing aids to be refurbished.  Bring them in to our weekly meeting and they’ll be taken to the Barkley Center.

It was noted that we have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each.