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1/14 Speaker: Pat Leach – Executive Director of the Lincoln City Libraries

Pat provided a nice Power Point presentation on the need for a new downtown city library.  She went through the changing demands and uses of an effective library, which aren’t feasible at their current location.  Pat talked about her communication with the Mayor’s office, as well as with other potential partners for the relocation at the current site of Pershing Auditorium.  She talked about the benefits to and vision for the new library, but admitted that it is still just a vision.  She and her board are working diligently to ensure they are considered when the decision is made this spring.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: He has 7 grandchildren; His son-in-law’s boss was the owner of the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby; His picture is on top of the State Capitol; He has been in the news a lot lately…
The SOD was… Ed Packard (the clue about the State Capitol is that he is in the Sower’s Club and they’ve recently been in the news)

Football Pool
This was the big and final  Bowl Game pool.  The winner guessed 25 of the 38 games correct.  The winner is Jay Bohlken!

Other News
John Bernthal had a knee replacement, but was in attendance and seems to be doing well.

Doug Dessel turned 72 last week!

It was noted that we still have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each. 

Former member, Al Micek passed away before the holidays.  President, Al Borchardt read a piece from his obituary talking about Micek’s accomplishments.  He had a very successful career with Burlington Northern and was once named their Employee of the Year, amongst other honors.