1/21 Speaker: Alynn Sampson – Child Hunger Programs Director, Food Bank of Lincoln

Alynn gave us a broad overview of the Food Bank operations.  She told us that they have been serving for over 30 years and this year, provided more than 8 million pounds of food to those in need.  Alynn explained that most of their food comes from grocery stores, WalMart being a big supporter.  The Food Bank of Lincoln works with 50 agencies to distribute food.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: Lincoln boy who lives south of O St; This guy was a Rocket; He is best known for having a cousin who appeared in the Olympics…
The SOD was… Jim Pluknett

Other News
Ron McNulty is still in the hospital.  He was hoping to get out this week, but had some other complications hold him back a bit.

Do you have hearing aids?  Hearing Aid Bank is accepting used hearing aids to be refurbished.  Bring them in to our weekly meeting and they’ll be taken to the Barkley Center.

It was noted that we have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each. 


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