12/17 Speaker: Dennis LeBlanc – Associate Director for Athletics and Academia at UNL

Dennis told us that the number one thing that student athletes talk about as positive, is the people in Lincoln being so nice and accepting of them.  He talked about UNL remaining in the lead nationally with 314 Academic All Americans.  Dennis talked about high school kids committing to colleges earlier.  Most of them are making commitments in their Junior and early into their Senior years.  Dennis provided a great presentation, showing the level of focus on student athletes education at UNL.


Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: Another fast one today, He was a farm boy born in the same area as Larry Thorn…
The SOD was… Norm Nelson

Other News
Kent Damme received his new membership packet.

We received a nice thank you from Brownell School.

Gateway Sertoma had a nice article in the Neighborhood Extra.

It was noted that we have space for two additional advertisers in the bulletin for $100 each. 

Gateway Sertoma Children’s Santa Party
Jay reported that the Christmas Party turned out with at least 24 kids and 20 adults.  Thanks to Jay and Legacy Estates for hosting!


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