11/5 Speaker: Hearing Aid Bank / Barkley Center Update, Stacie Ray

Stacie Ray from the Barkley Center brought us up to date with the Hearing Aid Bank financials and impact they’re making across Nebraska.  She noted that the Hearing Aid Bank that was initiated in 1981 by Gateway Sertoma Club Members, Larry Thorn and Mel Burkgren, was the first in the country and is now a model for other institutions in other states.  Stacie talked about a model recently starting in New Jersey, replicated off of best-practices here in Lincoln.  Since 1981, well over 2,000 hearing aids have been distributed.

Sertoma’s primary service project is helping the more than 42 million people with speech and hearing disorders.  There is a big need for used hearing aids!  If you have access to any or are affiliated with other organizations that may have some, please gather them and deliver to the Barkley Center.



Sertoman of the Day (SOD)
Clues: This guy lives south of I-80; His favorite car was a ’52 Chevy; He owns a company he started in 1976; His favorite vacation spot is the Bahamas; He is an Outland Trophy winner…
The SOD was… Steve Folmer
*The Outland Trophy is an award given to an outstanding newspaper delivery person.

Football Pick’em
The two-man race turned into one winner with a tie breaker.
The winner was… Fast Eddy Packard

Okto Beerfest
Harold passed around pictures of many vendors and distributors from the Okto Beerfest.  We were going to put them on the website, but they should be added to their own website at:


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